Set coverings for laparoscopy – B

Product Description

Contents: surgical sheet size 160×300 with a window size 30x3cm and adhez.strichkoyu on the edge of the window (CMC) – 1 pc; sheet size 120×210 cm (spunbond) – 2 pcs .; waterproof diaper for tool table size 140x8cm (laminated spunbond) – 1pc.; napkin with adhesive tape, size 60x8cm (spunbond) – 1pc., diaper size 140x8cm (spunbond) – 1 pc., waterproof case for cord size 200×15 cm (laminated spunbond) – 1 pc.

Additional Information


СМС (спанбонд- мелтблоун-спанбонд) , 30 гм2


СМС (спанбонд-мелтблоун-спанбонд), 30 г\м2


SMS (spunbond-spanbond- meltbloun), 30 g \ m2

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