Set of surgical clothing number 1/2 a

Product Description

Contents: sheet (coating) with adhesive strip size 160×210 cm (CMC) -1sht, sheets (coating), size 160×210 cm (CMC) -3sht, sheets (coating), size 160×160 cm (CMC) -2sht, napkin (coverage ) hir.m. with adhesive strip, size 80 to 80 cm (CMC) -2sht, napkin (coating) hirurh.m., size 80x8cm (CMC) -6sht, absorbing litter size 60×60 cm (B) -2sht, napkin (coating), size 30×30 cm (spanlejs) -10sht, surgical gown with waterproof work surface size XL (52-54) -2sht, surgical lightweight size XL (spunbond) -2sht, napkin (coating), size 140×80 cm (laminated spunbond) -1sht, waterproof sheet (cover) surgical size 160x21cm (laminated spannbond) -1sht, napkin (coverage) for surgical operating field of taxation, size 70×80 cm (spanlejs) -2sht.

Additional Information


TENA наповнювач з целюлозою, СМС (спанбонд- мелтблоун-спанбонд) , 30 гм2, спанбонд ламінований непромокальний, 65

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